At the Nucleus Plus accounting firm, we are ambitious, we are tenacious and we are winners in our profession!

Računovodski servis Nucleus Plus

We spread optimism, confidence and a sense of security all around us.

Our company history goes back almost twenty-one years and has been marked by professionalism, accuracy, individual customer support and accessibility.

We have been with you all these years at three different locations in Slovenia: Ljubljana, Maribor and Murska sobota.

We are aware that the quality of our services depends on the professionalism of our employees; therefore, we ensure regular internal and external trainings that help us keep track of legislative changes. Every month, we inform our clients about updates that are carefully collected in our publication Information.

We are entirely devoted to our work, go beyond the established boundaries and push into areas of the unknown. Every year, we wish to be better, we reject mediocrity and complacency and we explore the limits of our potential, believe in ourselves and strive to win. Above all, we follow the dream along the path of our values.

As an experienced, harmonised and capable team, we invite you to join us and bravely continue your career of pursuing and exceeding your goals. Again and again, we shall find new business opportunities with you and for you.