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Ksenija Prosen, Managing Director
Managing Director

She has a BA degree in Economics and has upgraded her 15 years of experience with work in bookkeeping and accounting, where she became familiar with operative activities.016_Ksenija_Prosen

The Chamber of Accounting Services awarded her the title of professional leader of the accounting firm. For the last 5 years, she has been the managing director of the Nucleus Plus accounting firm.

She has been with the firm from its early beginnings when there were only five employees. She grew along with it and diligently accumulated experience as a true accountant in her heart. She managed accounting services for different companies – small and large, domestic and foreign, affiliates, public institutions and associations.

She argues that the company is successful due to her attitude towards her work. She believes it is important to understand clients in a professional and positive manner and personally pursues the vision of the company. Both clients and employees feel comfortable around her and remain loyal to the company. With her accuracy and consistency and her respectful and relaxed attitude, she serves as an example to all employees.

What they say about us

  • Gordana Rađenovič
    Arhi 3K

    Lack of knowledge and understanding, being focused on my business, not enough time … all this is fear of accounting. However, when I started my business as a sole proprietor, Ksenija Prosen’s advice and know-how were of enormous help to me.

  • Marko Peršin, Director

    We are a long-time client of the Nucleus plus company, which proves that we are satisfied with their services. We appreciate their professional competence, responsiveness and individual treatment.

  • Kristina Rauter, In-house Service Manager
    FACKELMANN d.o.o.

    The Fackelmann d.o.o. company has been a client of the Nucleus plus accounting firm since its establishment in 1996. This is proof of good cooperation and satisfaction with the services.

  • Marjana Majerič, MSc
    Tehnološki park Ljubljana

    The Nucleus plus team not only registers business events, but also offers expert support and advice on faster growth and achieving the set strategic goals.

  • Vasja Spindler, procurator
    KONE d.o.o.

    Since we are a foreign-owned company, it is essential that our accounting firm is proficient in the preparation of statements for foreign owners: Nucleus plus does it perfectly and never misses a deadline. We can always count on them.

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