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Nucleus plus is an accounting firm that has mastered all accounting services and offers them completely or partially.

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According to your requirements and needs, we offer complete or partial accounting services, including:

  • General ledger and subsidiary accounts maintenance: we maintain the general ledger, register books of issued and received invoices and subsidiary accounts (e.g. current account books, fixed assets, produce and manage cash register transactions, charge interests on late payments, etc.).
  • Calculate remuneration (salary): we prepare detailed remuneration (salary) statements and other payments and legally required reports submitted in due course.
  • Create tax returns: provide for fiscal matters – prepare monthly tax returns and the annual fiscal balance.
  • Create the annual accounts: prepare your annual accounts in accordance with the Companies Act and the Slovenian Accounting Standards.
  • Create statutory reports: timely and proper preparation and submission of other statutory reports (e.g. reports for the Tax Authority, the Bank of Slovenia, the Pension and Invalidity Insurance Institute of Slovenia, the Statistical Office, etc.)
  • Consulting on tax and accounting matters: help you with legal reduction of taxes, which can bring you considerable savings.
  • Preparation of reports for the management and owners according to your needs: we prepare reports for larger companies and for small and medium-sized companies. The range of such reports is broad: from a simple cost review to complex reporting according to IAS and GAAP. The owners (or management) shall have the report on their desk by the agreed day of the month.
  • Cooperation with the authorised people during an audit and inspection: all inspections and audits can be arranged at our accounting firm’s headquarters, therefore, the business within your company can continue to operate smoothly – WORK AT THE CLIENT’S PREMISES

We offer you complete or partial accounting management at your premises if you have the space and desire that an accountant performs the services in your immediate vicinity.


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What they say about us

  • Gordana Rađenovič
    Arhi 3K

    Lack of knowledge and understanding, being focused on my business, not enough time … all this is fear of accounting. However, when I started my business as a sole proprietor, Ksenija Prosen’s advice and know-how were of enormous help to me.

  • Kristina Rauter, In-house Service Manager
    FACKELMANN d.o.o.

    The Fackelmann d.o.o. company has been a client of the Nucleus plus accounting firm since its establishment in 1996. This is proof of good cooperation and satisfaction with the services.

  • Vasja Spindler, procurator
    KONE d.o.o.

    Since we are a foreign-owned company, it is essential that our accounting firm is proficient in the preparation of statements for foreign owners: Nucleus plus does it perfectly and never misses a deadline. We can always count on them.

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